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Magnifier accessory kit, shown above, not included. Order separately.
Magnifier accessory kit, shown above, not included. Order separately.

MicroLite Dual Head Illuminator - Micro w/ Quartz Halogen Combination Beam Bulbs

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Part Number:240-335
  • Micro Dual Head:Micro dual head with quartz halogen bulbs provides up to 3,000 ft. candles per bulb with IR rejecting dichroic reflector.
  • Solid State Power Supply:The solid state power supply used with all units and projector heads has a full range electronic intensity control for precise adjustment of light levels and is calibrated to deliver highest intensity consistent with long bulb life.
  • Micro Quartz Halogen Bulbs:Narrow, combination, or wide beam patterns, integral reflector, 3,000 ft. candles at 6", 3,000°K, 5,000 hour average life, 1.5 in. diameter, double contact bayonet base - (per bulb)
  • Optional Magnifier Attachment:Hands-free use of optional magnifier kit provided by built-in magnifier attachment socket on all lamps. Optional Accessory.

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3.5" Magnifier [+$47.00]
4.5" Magnifier [+$60.00]
The DynaLume® MicroLite Dual Head Bench Top illuminator system provides the highest intensity bi-directional lighting as required by current inspection practice. In addition, the MicroLite provides hands-free macro inspection with the optional wide-field magnifier. The high efficiency (3,000 ft. candles at 6") and long life (up to 5,000 hours typical) micro-size 1.5 in. diameter paralliptic dichroic projectors generate brilliant white light for the most demanding of tasks. The optional magnifier has a large 4.5 in. dia. (16 sq. in.) viewing area at 1.25x (3 diopter) and includes an integral 1 in. diameter spot on the lens face for 2x magnification (12 diopter). The MicroLite provides precise binocular viewing in all inspection procedures.

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