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MK IV - Digital, Universal Temperature Control

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Part Number:221-040
  • LED 4-digit Display:Allows instant user choice of Process Temp (PT) or Set Temp (ST) by manual switch selection or exclusive automatic alternative action solid state switching of PT/ST display.
  • Hysteresis Control:Allows adjustment of the control system cycle rate and on/off hysteresis, which is adjustable from 0.25% to 10% of full scale to maximum of 10°F.
  • Bandwidth Control:Proportional models are adjustable from 0.5% to 20% of chosen full scale span.
  • Power Output:Relay has conservative 10AMP heating and 10AMP cooling load. Higher power loads possible with optional Load Power Center I. Call us for higher power options.
  • Setpoint Control:Exclusive circuit allows setpoint adjustment by 1 degree increments, or .1 degree increments in the high resolution mode.
  • Deviation Indicator:Exclusive 5-state LED logic device provides selectable resolution of process deviation from set temp to 1%, 2%, or 4% of full scale.
  • Recorder Output and Audible Alarm Options:Various options are available - call us directly for these options.
  • Plug and Play Ready:Just plug in the probe and heater and you are ready to control your process.

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Temperature Contoller
The DynaSense® MK IV is a universal digital proportional or on/off temperature control which allows instant system setup. These controllers provide pinpoint accuracy of heating and cooling devices through the use of two position, on/off control action, operating alternately and independently with true proportional cooling algorithms. The temperature change of the input sensing devices is analyzed by a microprocessor which controls a high current, electromechanical, two position relay in direct relation to system demand and deviation from the temperature setpoint. Typical control accuracy is ± 0.2°F. Indicating accuracy is ±0.25% full scale, ±1 digit. The unit has input jacks for RTD  or Thermocouple temperature probes . The mechanical relay can be replaced by a solid state relay as a option... we have single and 3 phase solid state SCR based heater load controllers  from 10 amps to 1000 amps, air cooled ..Please contact us for details at 630-607-2800