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MK I - Digital, Indicating, On/Off Temperature Control

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Part Number:221-011
  • Recorder Output:Exclusive circuit design allows selection of 0-1MaFS for use with economical chart recorders or high accuracy 10MV/°F for use with potentiometric chart recorders.
  • Deadband Control:Allows adjustment of the control system cycle rate and on/off hysteresis. The on to off differential is adjustable from 0.5degrees F to a maximum of 10 degrees F.
  • Heat/Cool Power Indicators:These continuously monitor available 120VAC power at the Heat and cool plug-in AC power output receptacles.
  • Power Output:Relay has conservative 10amp heating and 10amp cooling load rating for long life. Call us for higher power options.
  • Setpoint Control:15 turn potentiometer provides high accuracy and resolution of setpoint temperature adjustments.
  • Plug and Play Ready:Just plug in the probe and heater and you are ready to control your process.

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Temperature Contoller
The DynaSense® MK I is a digital, indicating, on/off temperature controller, which allows instant system setup and provides pinpoint accuracy with on/off control action of heating and cooling devices operating alternately and independently. The resistance vs. temperature change of the platinum RTD probe is amplified by a complex solid state assembly, which controls a rugged electro-mechanical, two position relay in direct relation to system demand and deviation from temperature setpoint. Indicating accuracy is ±1 digit. The unit provides a bi-stable output relay, which alternates the heat or cool device input to the temperature controlled system in response to the RTD sensor temperature and produces a classic sawtooth (on/off) type response curve at the set-point temperature. An adjustable dead-band control provides cycle rate and on/off differential adjustment.

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