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DynaLite Euro LEDLite Micro Single Head Illuminator 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, (Chrome Finish)

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Part Number:240-372
  • Highly Stable Base:Non-tip weighted base with chrome finish provides high stability for the fully adjustable lamp heads.
  • Swivel, Flex Arms:Chrome flex arm and all-angle swivel provide an infinite choice of lamp head positions.
  • Solid State Power Supply:The solid state power supply used with all units and projector heads has a full range electronic intensity control for a precise adjustment of light levels, while maintaining a constant color temperature.
  • Micro LED Array Bulbs:Narrow (12°) or combination (24°) beam patterns, integral reflector, 50,000 hour average life, 1.75 in. diameter, 3 LED Array, color temperature of 3,200°K, light output at 6" is 4,000 foot candles for narrow (12°) beam bulbs and 1,900 foot candles for combination (24°) beam bulbs.
  • No Projected Heat:Suitable for Biological Samples or Surgery

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The DynaLume® DynaLite LEDLite illuminators utilize the most recent advances in "state of the art" illuminator technology. They are designed to produce electronically adjustable levels of brilliant white (3,200°K) light to suit the most demanding visual inspection tasks. The computer-designed, high efficiency integral paralliptic reflectors, and universal beam pattern providing high usable light levels. Average life at the highest intensity is 50,000 hours, resulting in outstanding operating economy on a per year basis.