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ClipLite Projector Head LED Assembly Flex Arm, Clamp, Shade with Bulb, and Cord

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Part Number:240-343
  • Computer Designed:The computer designed paralliptic dichroic reflectors provide focused beam and effective IR rejection.
  • Solid State Power Supply:The solid state power supply used with all units and projector heads has a full range electronic intensity control for a precise adjustment of light levels and is calibrated to deliver the highest intensity consistent with long bulb life.
  • Micro Quartz Halogen Bulbs:Narrow, combination, or wide beam patterns, integral reflector, 3,000 ft. candles at 6" (3,000°K), 5,000 hour average life, 1.5 in. diameter, double contact bayonet base - (per bulb).
  • Vented Projector Head:Vented anodized aluminum projector head with tungsten quartz halogen bulb provides up to 6,000 ft. candles. Dichroic reflectors and optical heat shields protect most sensitive applications.

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Micro Heat Shield Option
Heat Shield [+$35.00]
The DynaLume® ClipLite is designed to bring increased portability to quartz halogen illumination technology while satisfying increased demand for versatility. The micro-sized design minimizes precious bench and field service tool kit space requirements. The prefocused miniature MR11 LED bulb is 1.5 inches in diameter, allowing for precise placement in confined areas. The ClipLite will clamp securely to any horizontal, vertical or round surface edge up to .75 inch diameter. Two unitized low voltage plug-in power supplies are available. The miniature single head power supply is also available for system economy when higher light needs are indicated. The DynaLume® DynaLite illuminators utilize the most recent advances in "state of the art" illuminator technology. They are designed to produce electronically adjustable levels of brilliant white (3,000°K) light to suit the most demanding visual inspection tasks. The computer-designed, high efficiency led MR11 bulbs have integral multi-facet paralliptic reflectors, and universal beam pattern providing usable light levels exceeding 6,000 ft candles per bulb. We give a lifetime warranty this lamp, resulting in outstanding operating economy on a per year basis.

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