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100 Watt LED Replacement Bulb

Your Price: $350.00
Part Number:LED365NM18W
  • Durable Functional Design:36 wastts of output power making it the most powerful bulb on the market
Replaces Osram Sylvania 68846, MX#507320, BLE-100S/M
Better performance than older mercury vapor lamp, the LED lamp maintains constant brightness throughout its life.
30,000 hours life
For use in fan cooled blacklights only. Like Magnaflux ZB-100F, as well as Gould Bass and Magwerks brand
Meets ASTM 3022 SPEC for LED blacklight lamps, 3500uW/cm2 @ 15 inches

..Universal inout voltage from 90vac to 290 vac..50hz or 60hs Designed to be iused with a fan cooled hand unit