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StereoTech Micro Illuminator w/ Quartz Halogen Combination Beam Bulbs
Microscope stand and pod, shown above, not included. Order separately.

StereoTech Micro Illuminator w/ Quartz Halogen Combination Beam Bulbs

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Part Number:240-333
  • Vented Bulb Guards:Vented anodized aluminum bulb guards with finger tip adjustment ring.
  • Micro Illuminator:Quartz halogen dichroic reflector bulbs delivers up to 3,000 ft. candles per bulb at 6"
  • Solid State Power Supply:The solid state power supply used with all units and projector heads has a full range electronic intensity control for precise adjustment of light levels and is calibrated to deliver highest intensity consistent with long bulb life.
  • Micro Quartz Halogen Bulbs:Narrow, combination, or wide beam patterns, integral reflector, 3,000 ft. candle intensity at 6" (3,000°K), 5,000 hour average life, 1.5 in. diameter, double contact bayonet base - (per bulb).

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Micro Heat Shield Option
Heat Shield [+$35.00]
The DynaLume® Stereo-Tech systems are designed to provide exclusive high-output intensity levels for all popular stereo microscopes. The unique mounting method uses an adjustable compression device for instant attachment to all microscope pod support rings. The complete dual head illumination assembly mounts instantly in the "nicholas" bore. All units also incorporate chrome flexarms, ventilated aluminum lamp guards, and low voltage power supplies. Mount with no modification to Bausch & Lomb type A,B and type E and ER arms, American Optical type 560S, 561 or 562 stands and yokes, Meji type F and Nikon type UAI focusing arm.

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